White Pixels | Better games. Smarter kids.

Kids develop problem-solving skills

by facing challenges, getting stuck,

struggling a bit, then finding a solution.

A little giggling always helps.

Inch Worm Screen Shot

Inch Worm

Inch Worm is an addictive collection of strategy puzzles. Lead Inch home, past the cherries, acorns, leaves, snails, ladybugs and dragonflies.

Success requires skills in planning, problem solving, logic and spatial relationships. Make some mistakes, and learn from them!

72 puzzles. Ages 6 to adult.

iPad, iPhone, Mac.

“I love this game!” - Jack, Zoe

“What I like about it: it’s tricky a little.” - Hazel

“Great. Now I’m stuck.” - Titus (with a smile)

“I have an idea.” - Sophia

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Pegs Screen Shot


Learn to solve Peg Solitaire!

Gradually increasing difficulty.

Color (and shape) coded positions.




30 puzzles. Ages 7 to adult.

iPad, iPhone, Mac.

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Rings Screen Shot


Transport Puzzles

Slide the rings to the matching positions.

It looks easy. It gets hard.


32 puzzles. Ages 7 to adult.

iPad, iPhone, Mac.

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Inch Maker Screen Shot

Inch Maker

Create your own Inch Worm strategy puzzles.


Position the walls, arrows, and homes. Add acorns, cherries, leaves, snails, ladybugs, and dragonflies. Then solve your own puzzle.


13 blocks • 13 characters • 30 levels

Ages 7 to adult.

iPad, iPhone.

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Rick Meyers

Rick Meyers


Educational technology

App development


Rick is an industry veteran:

  1. Hewlett-Packard (late 70’s)
  2. Apple (80’s)
  3. Taligent (early 90’s)
  4. Meyers Labs (late 90’s)
  5. Aplia (00’s) and Cengage Learning (early 10's)
  6. White Pixels (late 10's and 20's)

Rick lived and worked in Santa Cruz, California.

He recently retired to Spokane, Washington.

White Pixels is his retirement project.

No, that's not his car. Sigh.


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